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Auckland Council is a unitary authority for the wider Auckland region and is the largest single council in Australasia. The Building Consents team employs around 600 permanent staff and grants well in excess of 20,000 building consent approvals every year and that number is only increasing through the current building boom.  

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Why we need you

Over the last 18 months, Building Consents received an estimated 41,000 building consents applications for assessment and approval whilst processing over 248,000 inspections. Auckland's growth has been projected to reach an all-time high and estimates that 13,332 new homes will be needed each year between 2017 and 2022 in addition to those already planned. There is a definite need for skilled, competent and experienced building officials.

Building codes

The Canadian (CBC) and New Zealand Building Codes (NZBC) are similar. They are both objective performance-based codes allowing for innovation and individuality. In both codes, every technical requirement achieves one or more of that code's stated objectives (e.g. Safety, Health, Accessibility, Fire and Structural Protection of Buildings, Environment).

"Acceptable Solutions" provisions is one method to demonstrate compliance since the Acceptable Solution meets the Code’s objectives by default. The other option is to use "Alternative Solutions”.

Qualifications and competencies

Although there is no direct transfer of qualifications from the Ontario QuARTS system or the National Certification Program to the New Zealand competency scheme, Auckland Council has put together a corresponding list of qualifications to better understand where you may fit within the Auckland Council organisation.

Auckland Council (and all of New Zealand) uses a competency review process and categorizes members of our teams that make technical decisions (inspectors, processors, etc) according to their abilities. These competency levels align with the national competency framework and comprise of Residential 1, 2, and 3 as well as Commercial 1, 2 and 3 categories. Work is assigned in accordance with these competencies.

To view the full qualifications list and their corresponding competencies contact Sai.

Residential construction methodology

Low complexity: Single storey dwellings designed to a common standard with a low-risk factor.             

Medium complexity: Dwellings that are less than or equal to two storeys designed to a common standard with a medium risk factor.                           

High complexity: Dwellings that are less than or equal to three storeys but limited to vertical plane fire separation and direct egress to the outside.

Commercial construction methodology 

Low complexity: Commercial, industrial and communal non-residential buildings and their associated outbuildings and ancillary buildings equal to or less than two storeys and an occupancy load of equal to or less than 100 people. Buildings up to two storeys and with horizontal fire separation.

Medium complexity: Commercial, industrial, communal residential and communal non-residential buildings equal to or less than four storeys and an occupancy load of equal to or less than 500 people.

High complexity: All uses of buildings that are over four storeys high, or contain over 500 occupants.

What’s in it for you?

We're looking for people to start in June 2019. You will be supported at work and at home through our pastoral care programme and buddy system. We will ensure you gain professional on-the-job training with senior technical staff and a thorough understanding of the supporting technology, including the field tablets used by our building surveyors and our digital programme for plan assessors/processors. 

For more information, please contact Tash Puketapu, Talent Acquisition Consultant #WorkingForAuckland 

Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) is currently going through an unprecedented explosion of growth. Technology and candidates' expectations are changing the way we need to recruit. With this comes expanding needs from our organisations to do things better and faster, and to find people that can hit the ground running and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Apply for a job within our many organisations today.

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