If you have any questions about a job we have advertised or need to get in touch with our recruitment team about your application, please contact us via email and our team will be happy to help. 

If you have already put in your application and would like an update, please sign into your account and you will be able to see your application progress.




You’ve landed the interview, congratulations! Now what? It is time to plan. Find out about some of Auckland Council's achievements and milestones, how we get involved in the community and the work we do for Auckland. 

The more you know, the more assured you will feel.




This is your chance to ask questions and clarify details about the job. You will be able to provide more information about your experience and why you will be good for the role.
Click on the video below to hear from Auckland Council's very own recruiters; they have some valuable tips to help you feel relaxed and prepared. 
This is your chance to ask questions and clarify details about the job. You will be able to provide more information about your experience and why you will be good for the role.



Auckland Council is jam-packed with high energy, creative people who are here to make a difference for Aucklanders.

None of us underestimate the work that it is going to take or the challenges and issues we face. We work as a team and we believe in our values. 



How do I apply for a role?

Sign up for a new profile. Once you have uploaded your CV and cover letter, search for jobs via the search bar at the bottom of every page. When you find something which matches your skills and experience, click on the Apply Now button and let the journey begin.  You will also find tips preparation advice and what to expect when applying for a role here. 

If you're already working for the council, head over to Tupu to submit your application internally.

How do I search for a role?

You'll find the search box on the bottom of every page of the website.  You can search for jobs using a keyword or by selecting your preferred expertise. If you want to browse through all the current job vacancies in Auckland Council, leave the search criteria blank. Also, the footer at the bottom of every page features all our different departments. 

How do I register/ de-register for job alerts?

You can opt-in to receive 'job alerts', specifying the type of job you are looking for when you register with us. Once a job comes up that matches your interests, you will receive an automated email, advising you of the job details.

You can enable or disable this function at any time, by logging in and clicking on the ‘View profile’ button. Under the ‘Options’ dropdown menu select job alerts.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes of course, there is no limit to the number of vacancies you can apply for.  There will be a record on your profile of all the jobs you've applied for. 

I don't have a requisition number – how do I apply?

A requisition number is a short group of numbers that we use when we place a job advertisement. The requisition number helps you to go straight to a specific job; however, even if you don't have this you can still find all the jobs on this site by searching on the homepage.

Can I post/ fax/ email my application directly? Why does the council only accept electronic applications?

All applications must be completed online via our website. The online application includes mandatory declarations and may also include additional questions to support your application.

If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, you can visit your local library where there are computers available for public use. Find your local library

We only accept electronic applications via our web-based system as this is the fastest and most efficient way to apply. This saves time in the application processing and allows us to quickly and accurately match your skills and experience to other suitable positions. To be able to assess each person fairly against other candidates, we need all applicants to follow the same procedure.

Who do I address my cover letter to?

Your application will not only be reviewed by the Hiring Manager, but also other individuals who are part of the recruitment process. It is not a requirement for you to address your cover letter to anyone and, for this reason; most candidates address their letter 'To whom it may concern'.

How can I see the jobs that I have applied for?

When you log in to your profile click on ‘Jobs applied’, you will see your candidate history and all the information regarding your application(s). This will include your CV, cover letter, application responses and the status of your application. 

What if I am a former employee and want to apply for a job?

You will need to create a new profile and new account as part of the application process. When you register you will be asked if you have worked for us previously – this is where you can indicate your previous employment.

Can I upload multiple CVs for different roles?

Yes. Each time you apply for a role you can upload a new CV. This means you can tailor your CV to each role you apply for.

Who can see my application once it has been received?

Your application will be treated with confidentiality and in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act, the Local Government Act and the Public Records Act. The only person(s) to see your details will be members of our recruitment team, the hiring manager and the selected panel members/any other relevant managers involved in the role(s) you have applied for.

Your information is entered into our system confidentially and cannot be accessed by unauthorised staff. All council employees commit to the protection of personal information through the council's charter.

Why does the council include equal employment opportunity questions regarding gender, disability, and ethnicity?

Council asks about gender, disability, and ethnicity so that we can track how well we are doing in promoting Auckland Council as an inclusive employer and to analyse the equity of the recruitment process.

The information you provide is treated confidentially. This is also where you can advise your recruiter if you need extra support through the recruitment process.

I did not submit my application before the role closed, what do I do?

We are unable to accept late applications. We recommend that you register for job alert emails. This will ensure that you are notified when a vacancy is advertised on our careers site that matches your skills and expertise. This should give you ample opportunity to consider the roles on offer and apply online prior to the closing date.

What does this job pay?

Each position with Council falls into a certain salary band depending on the level of the job. The salary band is evaluated on the:

Problem solving

When you are looking for opportunities with Auckland Council, please ensure you read the personal specification within the position description to see if you have the necessary skills and experience for the role.

When will I find out about the outcome of my application?

The length of our recruitment process can vary for each advertised vacancy. Once all applications have been considered for the role, we will be in contact with you to provide an update on your application. You can see the status of your application in your profile.

When will my referees be contacted?

Referees will usually be contacted after your interview and when we have your express permission. Please check with your referees that they are comfortable for us to contact them. We usually conduct our reference checks via telephone or online referencing.

A relevant referee must be someone you have reported to (such as a team leader, supervisor or manager) and who can comment on your performance. The referee must be from a recent role (ideally no more than five years ago).

What are the different types of employment?

Permanent full time: No specified end date and working a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Permanent part-time: No specified end date and working less than 40 hours per week.

Casual: No set or fixed hours where the employee is called in 'as available/required' for work.

Fixed-term: An employment agreement for a specified timeframe with a set finish date.

I am unable to attend my interview or would like to withdraw my application.

It would be helpful if you could contact your recruiter as soon as possible if you cannot attend your arranged interview or would like to withdraw your application for a role. You can also do this via your online profile. Your recruiter may still follow up to understand your reasons for withdrawing.

I am interested in doing an internship or a work experience placement with the council – how do I apply?

We have an internship programme at Auckland Council. All intern and work placement positions are filled via our tertiary providers. Please visit the Grads, Interns and Cadets page for more information.

I am interested in graduate opportunities with Council- how do I apply?

Please visit the Grads, interns and cadets page for more information on graduate opportunities. You can also email careerpathways@aklc.govt.nz

I am interested in volunteering at the council, where can I find more information?

Volunteer opportunities may be available from time to time and these volunteer opportunities may be found by searching 'volunteer' on Auckland Council. This is where most volunteer opportunities are published.

International applicants

If you're applying from overseas without an eligible work visa, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Before commencing the application process, we advise you to visit Immigration New Zealand or contact your nearest NZ immigration branch for further information on migrating to New Zealand and visa eligibility.

Council is an accredited employer

Auckland Council is an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand to enable us to search for people with skills that we haven’t been able to find in the New Zealand market. Should you match these criteria, this may mean that your visa application will be given preference in processing after receiving an offer of employment from Auckland Council. Please note that all offers of employment are subject to eligibility and the right to work and reside in NZ at all times.

For more information please visit Immigration New Zealand

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing – safety-sensitive positions

All positions deemed safety sensitive at Auckland Council require pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.  We conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol testing prior to offers of employment being made for all roles deemed safety sensitive. If a role is safety sensitive, it will be indicated in our job advertisements, alongside the requirement that this type of pre-employment check is required. Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing are required for internal transfers where applicable for safety-sensitive roles. If you have any questions about this pre-employment check please speak to your Talent Acquisition Consultant.

What will my information be used for?

The information you submit and that we obtain as part of your registration and application process will be used by us for the purposes of any current recruitment process, as well as any future recruitment process.

What if I want to remove my information?

If you wish to remove your registration/profile from our site,  you can do so by following these steps: 

1.    Log into your candidate profile
2.    Under the Options menu, select Settings 
3.    Select Delete Profile
4.    Confirm your action and select Delete All Data

This will mean that your candidate profile will be deleted and automatically withdrawn from any active applications. You will no longer receive any job alerts from us about current vacancies. 

Should you wish to apply for any future roles with us, you will have to create a new profile as your previous information will not have been saved.